1. Ignore 90% of Penis Enlarging Products.

This refers to mainly the pills and potions out there which claim to give you size. These take up about 90% of so called “male enhancement products” which you see often, but unfortunately they just don’t work.

2. Focus on Exercises and Jelqing.

This is the unpopular method because it actually takes some work and it takes some time to see results. But the success rate is the highest for gaining added penis size. Unfortunately it won’t happen overnight though, hence it is not too popular with those seeking a quick fix solution (which doesn’t exist anyway!)

3. Get on a GOOD Exercise Routine.

If you try to learn all the jelqing techniques for free or from an inferior program then you won’t get very far. It’ll take months of trial and error, trying to figure out what works right and what doesn’t. Instead, if you get on a good exercising enlarging program then you cut to the chase and start seeing results within weeks. Definitely worth it.

Here’s the most popular exercise routine which guarantees 1-4 inch gains –
Exercise Enlarging Routine