Click Here for the 6 Minute A Day Jelqing Program

The 6 minute a day jelqing routine means just jelqing, and adding in some stretching exercises at the right time in between, and doing this for just 6 minutes a day, then after several weeks, you have a bigger penis.

It’s the fastest, most effective routine out there. Other routines make things overly complicated and add in a whole bunch of unnecessary gimmicks which take up to 40-60 minutes to perform. But guys have found out that the short and straightforward methods work the best, and jelqing for an hour a day in just not necessary.

As for a “real deal” jelqing video, the kind that we can’t show you on this blog, this program actually has them. So you can see an actual jelqing video of someone exercising their penis, and therefore you will have an accurate idea of how to jelq properly.

Proper instruction, a quick and easy to do routine, and some jelqing video action, this is definitely the program to go for if you want to increase penis size.