bananapenisIf you want a bigger penis, you are not alone. Most guys would LOVE to gain penis size. The problem is trying to figure out how you are supposed to “get bigger”.

There is an answer to gaining penis size, but it is NOT in the usual “male enhancement” circles that you probably have heard of. I’m talking about the pills mainly. You’ve likely seen advertisements for male enhancement pills, or even commercials claiming you can get a bigger penis in only days. This is simply untrue and impossible.

While you are never going to get a noticeably bigger penis in days, you can gain size in only weeks. Allowing yourself weeks to gain size is a more legitimate approach and obviously it makes a lot more sense then magically getting permanently big in only a few days.

Now for the method. It involves specific exercises that you perform on your penis, using only your hands. Of course you won’t find these exercises on commercials because there is basically no pills or contraptions to sell, since you can do everything with your hands.

Here’s how to do exercises (note: while you only need your hands, you should seek out a good exercise routine or program to get on, as they provide the fastest means to get bigger as quickly as possible.)

Semi erect. This is where you want to have your penis for performing exercises. Not a full erection, but a semi (this is about 50-60% erect).

Lubricate. You want to apply lubrication to your penis. Whichever preferred lube you want will work.

Wrap around. Wrap your thumb and forefinger (you’ll be making a circle) around the base of your penis. This is the starting point for exercises.

Massage Up. Gently, yet firmly, make one slow massage motion up the shaft of your penis towards the head. You won’t cover the head, your circle grip should naturally release right before the head and this is fine. You are basically working the shaft which is the part we want to get bigger.

Alternate. Now we alternate and use the other hand doing the same. Alternatations continue between hands until a number of reps are reached depending on the routine you are following.

3-5 days a week. The exercise is performed 3-5 days a week, again depending on the particular routine you are following.

Expect your first inch gain to potentially arrive around 4-6 weeks into your exercising.