´╗┐The penis enlargement exercise known as jelqing, can be a very effective way to increase your size both in length and girth. But how can you learn how to perform this effective exercise? Finding a video can be a great way to learn how this exercise works and how to perform it. One option, is finding a free jelqing video.

Here’s what a free video will provide you:

General introduction and instruction.

Most guys don’t even know what jelqing is supposed to look like when performing it. That is, the actual hand position, the motions, and the speed. Reading it on paper or off a computer screen may give you an idea, but actually seeing it will help tremendously.

Here’s where you can find a free jelqing video:

Online – Blogs and Video Sharing Sites

There are some videos which show jelqing instruction and are free, but keep in mind, usually in order to post on a blog or a video sharing site, it cannot be X rated! So a free jelqing video is usually going to be done in a creative manner, using something other than the “real thing” in order to keep it G rated, or at least PG-13.

But this is alright. You will still get a real good idea of what jelqing is and how to perform it.

These free videos may not be as complete or as in depth as you would like. If you get a penis enlargement program which focuses on jelqing, then they will usually provide more detailed videos and will give you the exact number of reps and sets you need to do for major size results.


Just browse this blog for some free jelqing videos which are non explicit yet will give you a great idea of what jelqing is all about.