Now this is a VERY common question: “Can I get my penis bigger?” Everyone wonders this at one time or another. The answer may be very surprising to you. The answer is actually YES. But really, a better answer to “can I get my penis bigger”, is both “yes” and “no”. Let me explain:

You definitely will NOT gain bigger size with all the usual advertisements you see on television or even online. These refer mainly to the penis pills. Taking pills isn’t going to do the trick. They essentially contain useless ingredients which may promote some blood flow to the penis for a temporary minor size gain (that goes away very quickly), but other than that, forget about it for real size gain.

So, “how can I get my penis bigger?”

Exercises are the key to gaining bigger size. These are performed on your penis using only your hands. No pills or pumps are required (as usual the real answers to getting bigger involve old fashioned hard work, not some magic potions or ridicolous contraptions).

Here’s how exercises are basically performed:

What you will be doing is essentially massaging the penis with one hand from the base to the head. This is done with one slow motion (one stroke = one rep). Then another rep is done with the other hand. You continue alternating hands for a certain number of repetitions depending on which routine you are following.

A few important notes on exercising for gaining size:

* You should always lubricate your penis so as not to cause any redness.
* The massaging motion must be done when the penis is “partially erect” (about 50-60% erection).
* This does take WEEKS to work. Not days, and not overnight. Just like regular exercising, you have to wait to see real good size results.