A great way to study the legitimacy of the jelqing technique is to find a proven jelqing video to increase penis size. Here are the different types of videos you can find on jelqing.

1. Program Videos.

These are videos which will promote a particular program or routine for jelqing. Now here’s what to look for in program videos: If the program is proven, then they should have no problem offering a “money back guarantee” if you don’t get the results they claim. Also look for what kind of specific results they are guaranteeing. Once again, if it is a proven routine, then they should know the exact size gains to expect, and should have no problem stating those results. Here’s a good jelqing program to take a look at – Proven Jelqing Program.

2. Testimonial Videos.

These are videos from individuals who have tried the technique and have achieved positive results. Generally these guys are so excited and proud of their results, it drives them to create their own proven jelqing video based on their own personal experiences. How can you tell if they are legitimate? Well, generally if someone comes out and announces his success with jelqing, they tend to lean on the side of legitimacy, as opposed to someone who claims he’s had success with, say, “penis pills”. You see, the pills you have to buy constant supplies of and most likely the individual is selling the pills. Where as jelqing, you can basically do for free! And while the guy may recommend a particular routine or program to follow, he likely won’t be trying to push pills or pumps (which don’t work anyway).

3. Instructional Videos.

These are considered proven jelqing videos because they will show you exactly how to perform the jelqing technique for the guaranteed size gains. Generally the person will provide the proven technique that he has had success with, showing you step by step how to perform the exercises, while also recommending other legitimate routines or programs which he has also found helpful. You can find instructional “safe for work” videos online which demonstrate the techniques with the use of a banana or other oblong object. Check out the videos on this site for some examples of what jelqing looks like.