There have been these jelqing contraptions that have come forth in recent years that may look promising. Here’s some points to consider when deciding whether to perform hands only jelqs or use a jelqer contraption:

-Some of these contraptions are actually “extenders” or stretchers. Not really jelqers. That is, they are designed to stretch out the penis, extend it with the hopes of creating longer length. Most jelqers know that the BIG benefit for jelqing is not just length but GIRTH. Added thickness. Which many of the extenders don’t address.

-Obviously a jelqer will cost some money and a good one likely is not cheap (nor should it be since you really do want a high quality apparatus as opposed to a cheap flimsy device – this is going on your penis remember).

-Added level of complexity. The beauty of jelqing is the simplicity. The need for only the hands to do the work. A machine is not necessary. It only may provide a certain level of convenience. But it also is another level of complexity taking away from the simple and original nature of jelqing.

No jelqing contraptions have really “stuck out” as being a “power alternative” to the hand exercises. But this could change if or when more positive reviews come in and more and more guys switch from hands only jelqing to contraption jelqing.