Jelqing for bigger penis size requires the following steps:

1. Learning the Jelq Technique. This is essential. And by learning we don’t mean just reading a few lines on how to do it. You really need to get detailed instructions on exactly what to do, how to do it, sets, reps and so forth.

2. Jelqing video. Take a look at a good jelqing video so you can see what the actual exercise looks like. It’s one thing to read about it, it’s another to see what it looks like and how its done.

3. Warm Ups and Warm Downs. Whoa, now hold on, the jelqing exercise is not just about stroking your Johnson in a certain manner for reps. There are very important warm up and warm down routines you need to do for the exercise to be effective.

4. Patience. Jelqing takes several weeks and sometimes several months for large size gains to occur. Patience is important. Don’t expect results in only a few days or a week.

5. Persistence. You also need to stick with the exercises. This is where a good routine comes in. Exercising consistently is important for larger size gains to occur. Stick with it and stay on track.

These are perhaps the 5 most important factors regarding the jelq technique, and the keys for getting the results you are after.