Gaining 1 Inch of Added Penis Size By Jelqing

There is an exercise for increasing penis size that has been around a long time. It is said to originate in ancient tribes as a ritual where men were expected to have long and strong penises. The exercise, known as jelqing, has since been modernized and is becoming more and more popular with men of today wanting to achieve the same larger penis size goals as the tribesmen.

The ancient form of jelqing consisted of long exercise sessions daily. Now days men have discovered shorter sessions that work just as well. And they discovered that resting at least two days out of the week is best for recovery and growth to occur.

The results from jelqing vary, but an inch of added size is not uncommon in the time frame of 6 weeks or less. Many men, after making good initial gains, continue on for greater gains.

The key components to gaining any size is being consistent in the exercising, while realizing that size does not come overnight. Being patient and allowing several weeks for gains is the key to getting bigger.

Here are the basics to jelqing, as well as the three things you will need:

Lubrication: This is recommended so as not to cause redness.

Hands: Both hands should be in good working condition.

Program: A good program will bring about the fastest results possible in the safest manner.

* First, we need to get in the semi-erect state (this is around a 50-60% erection).
* Next, we lube up really good with your preferred lube (Vaseline or any generic petroleum jelly works fine).
* Taking the thumb and forefinger of one hand, form a circle. Place the penis in the circle while bringing the circle down to the base of the penis. This is the starting point.
* Now we stroke upwards slowly and gently releasing right before the head. One good stroke which should take around 2-3 seconds.
* Now with the other hand. Another slow and controlled 2-3 second stroke finishing just before the head.

This is repeated back and forth for a certain number of reps and sets, depending on which program you are following.

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