The jelqing method has many advantages for penis enlargement. While there are e many different methods out there promoting increased size in both length and width, jelqing rises above most everything in both effectiveness and ease of use. Here’s why you may want to consider this method:

1. Safety/Simplicity.

Unlike many other methods which require odd looking contraptions or equipment which you are supposed to actually attach on and pump or activate in some manner, jelqing only requires the use of your own hands. No equipment is necessary to purchase, and no worries that some piece of equipment will break halfway through your enlargement efforts.

Safety is another major advantage. Any time you introduce outside elements, such as the aforementioned contraptions, then you introduce increased safety hazards. And obviously when it comes to enlargement efforts, you want to be as safe as you can. Jelqing has a track record of being a safe route for enlarging purposes.

2. Effectiveness and Legitimacy.

All the methods out there will claim a degree of effectiveness, but when you really look at the different methods, jelqing always jumps out as the most effective and legitimate method to follow. First, it has been around for a long time (tribes used to perform this practice), and thus has a track record for effectiveness. Second, the process does make sense for working when performed consistently, making it an honest and legitimate means for enlarging efforts.

3. Modern Jelqing Practices are now available.

A huge benefit to jelqing are that now modern exercises have become available, which essentially have been designed to make jelqing even more effective, while the amount of time spent has been greatly reduced. There are now enlarging programs available which have greatly streamlined the process, to the point where less than 10 minutes a day is required for very positive results to occur. This is a big difference from the old jelqing practice where for results to be seen one would have to perform the exercises for a much longer period of time each and every day.

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