This jelqing video nails it as far as what’s necessary to make jelqing work. So often a jelqing how to video will describe some basics regarding the jelq exercise, but as far as the REAL factors which contribute to GROWTH, they gloss over these. The following three factors are the key for, as the video puts it, “increasing P size”.


Being consistent with the jelq exercise. Get on a routine and stick with it.


Not expecting jelqing results to occur in a few days or even a few weeks (though some men report noticeable gains in a few weeks, it won’t be maximum gains).


Relying on instructions hand scribbled or “texted” by your buddy won’t cut it. You need a good program which shows you all the “jelqing how to” details. There’s more to it than you think and these details are the difference between good size gains in the shortest amount of time possible, or lousy size gains and lengthy periods with no results.

A good program to get on which guarantees at least a 1-4 inch size increase is this one – Penis Advantage Program