Jelqing Benefits – Penis Size GIRTH

Check out this video which talks about the GIRTH FACTOR. Does jelqing work for increased girth size (thickness)?

Remember THICKNESS is a HUGE factor (literally) in pleasing the ladies. As this jelqing video will point out and demonstrate, it’s not a long skinny prick which is going to raise a ladies eyebrows. But a nice, thick, juicy schlong is going to turn a female head and look real impressive.

A good rule of thumb: Thickness = Pleasure. The vagina likes to filled up, thus a vagina LOVES thickness. A long skinny Johnson does nothing as far as penetrating the vaginal walls rubbing against that G-spot to provide unspeakable pleasures. Watch the jelqing video above for a demonstration of this.

A thick schlong does the job proper. Another added benefit is that the guy doesn’t have work as hard, and in turn will receive a lot of pleasure as well. Most guys have to grind and maneuver and spend all their efforts at trying to please, thus missing out on a lot of the pleasure receiving part of sex.

Jelqing for thickness can provide you a better and more fulfilling sex life. More pleasure for her, more pleasure for you, and less effort providing mind blowing orgasms.