An often asked question after watching a video on the jelq technique is – “hey, they showed the jelqing technique, but what about the warm ups? I thought you were supposed to do warm ups and warm downs before and after the jelqing exercise?”

This is correct and the criticism on the usual jelq exercise video is accurate as well. Most videos do NOT include a demonstration of the warm up and warm down technique. They focus on the MAIN part of the exercise. Usually this is what most guys want to see. They want to see what the actual exercise looks like. And with the poor attention span now days, most guys won’t sit through the warm up portion of a jelqing video.

But yes, the warm up is an important part and should be featured in more jelq videos. So just because it isn’t present, doesn’t mean it’s not important or you shouldn’t do it.

The warm up is basically taking a warm washcloth and placing it around the penis for a few minutes before starting the jelq exercise.

The warm down is the same thing. After jelqing is done, a warm cloth is wrapped around for a few minutes to allow the penis to rest, recover, and encourage the regrowth process to larger size to begin.