There are several methods for penis enlargement, some will work in the short term, while others will have more permanent results. Of course their are many methods that simply won’t work at all and are not legitimate. I’ll cover all three: the non working methods, the temporary methods, and the permanent enlargement methods:

Methods that don’t work:

The male enhancement methods that do not work tend to be the ones where enlargement “pills” are involved. These will claim that success in increased size can be accomplished simply by popping a pill. Many claim that results can be seen quickly, yet if they are not, you simply need to buy another bottle of pills, naturally. The pill method has been around a while and usually the companies come and go very quickly, as complaints come in about their non effectiveness. At best, the only results one benefits from the pill method is from the placebo effect.

Methods that work temporarily:

There are quick fix methods that can increase size temporarily. Many men have noticed that at certain times size can change from one extreme to another. Cold water for instance brings on decreased size. But hot water, for a several minute period, brings on increased size. So for a temporary gain in size, a popular method has been simply taking a hot shower. This gets the blood flowing and fills out size to the max, but as said it is for a temporary period of time and not permanent.

Methods that work for permanent size gains:

The best, and most natural method that works for permanent size gains is performing enlargement exercise routines. What this involves is continual massaging exercises performed in a semi erect state. This stretches and encourages blood flow, which in turn, after repeated practice, leads to both increased length and girth. The key to exercise routines is doing the exercises correctly, and doing them consistently. It’s best to get on an enlarging program which will provide safe routines that you can perform quickly and effectively. Otherwise you can go through a lot of trial and error with other exercise routines that can take very long to perform and may not be as effective.

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