There are many advantages to performing jelqing for penis enlarging. Results can be very positive, but only when performed correctly. Here are some important tips for getting good, quick results from jelqing.

1. Start out first with a “warm up”.

This simply involves applying a hot towel wrap to get the blood flowing which prepares you for the jelqing exercises. Apply a hot towel for up to 5 minutes, then get started with your exercises.

2. Remaining “semi-erect”.

This is very important for both safety concerns as well as effectiveness. You should never perform jelqing while being in a fully erect state, only semi erect. And if it gradually does occur, pausing the exercises is recommended.

3. Lubricate.

Lubricating can be very important, especially starting out, as it makes the exercises easier and safer to learn. More experienced males who have performed the exercises for some time, may be able to go without lubricating. Too much lubricant can be ineffective though, so don’t over do it.

4. The “warm down”.

The warm down is an important part of jelqing, and it basically mirrors the warm up from above. After your exercises are completed, you should again take a hot towel and apply for 5 minutes. This allows for the effects of your exercising to continue working for a few more minutes. It’s a good and effective way to close out your jelqing exercising.

5. A Legitimate Jelqing Manual.

Getting a legitimate exercising manual for enlargement will work wonders for experiencing results quickly. A good manual streamlines the whole process, and allows you to spend minimal time exercising, as it outlines the fastest way for the best results possible to occur, both in length and girth gains. Whereas in the past you could spend 30-60 minutes exercising, a manual can provide the same routine that can be accomplished in under 10 minutes.

Here is an excellent Penis Enlarging exercising routine –

The routine here is streamlined, and can only takes 6 minutes a day to complete. See