There are actually many different penis enlarging options one can consider. Here are three common options, from the most popular to the least popular, including which one’s work and which don’t:

1. Pills for “Male Enhancement”

This is a very popular method people try for their enlarging goals. Its popularity stems from the many advertisements and infomercials on television. It is also popular because it almost sounds too good to be true: pop a pill for a day and after a few weeks you get a size increase?

Unfortunately, pills for male enhancement are too good to be true. The popping a pill method has been around a while and always seems to resurface with new hopes and claims. But the results always fall far short of the claims, and tend not to work at all.

2. Weight hanging and stretching techniques.

This has been a mildly popular method for penis enlarging. It seems to make sense on the surface. If you hang small amounts of weight, you should over time stretch it out thus forcing enlargement to take place, right? Well, individuals have experienced a mixed bag of results with the weight hanging techniques. Some have claimed gains, while unfortunately others have claimed injury.

And that is really where the weight hanging techniques fall short: the safety factor involved. It can be a very dangerous technique if you don’t follow the protocol to a tee, thus usually not making it worth the attempt for enlargement.

3. Jelqing and Enlarging Exercises.

Jelqing involves exercising by repeated massaging movements, using only your hands. This increases blood flow and encourages greater size in both length and girth, to take place.

Jelqing has now combined with other enlarging exercise techniques which have proven to be very effective and a legitimate way to increase size. It’s much safer than weight hanging techniques, and obviously much more effective than popping pills.

Because it is “exercise” and does require effort to see results, it’s not as popular as the other methods. But, once people begin experiencing results, the effort proves to be well worth it.

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