Which one is better?

First of all, the Bathmate is a relatively new penis pump, and jelqing, well we all know what jelqing is. It’s a hand exercise which does NOT require any type of pump or extender.

Now, in the past we’ve been negative on going the pump route. Too many parts involved, too much risk and the positive results were just not there.

Enter into the picture a new breed of pumps, water based pumps designed very simply, and used in a very straight forward manner. And the results? Guys have been reporting back that positive increased penis size gains have been achieved.

So, should we dump this blog and just jump on the new pump bandwagon?

No, and here’s why. As they point out over at SizeGirth.com, pumping may have taken a turn for the better with more guys reported increased penis size gains, BUT, you still can’t ignore the tried and true: jelqing.

So, as Size Girth points out, you really should press on with the jelqing and try to gain in that manner first. Then move on to the pumps.

Either way, you should pick one method over the other, and not try to do both at the same time. This would be overtraining and plus you’ll never know which method is really bringing on the increased penis size results.

Of course advanced exercise enlargement folks are going to probably be able to juggle both and figure out how to have a happy medium between variety, size gain, and avoiding overtraining.

If you do go the pump route, definitely check out the BATHMATE. They have a variety of the best pumps out there at the best prices.

If you want to give a good jelqing program a shot first, there is the new Penis Bible program which has been receiving very good views. Check that out here – Penis Enlargement Bible.