A great way to learn how to perform the jelqing exercise for penis enlargement is by checking out a video. But not all videos are the same. Here are the different kind of videos you will find, and the best place to find them.

1. Jelqing Video – Verbal or Written Instruction (No Visuals)

For these type of videos you will want to visit the common video sites online, such as YouTube. Look for the “video icon” which should show text, although many of these videos will include still images, and the text will be typed over it. This will be the most common type of instructional video you’ll come across for penis enlargement exercises. You’ll either hear someone verbally explain the exercise or you’ll see words across the screen describing what jelqing is all about and how to do it. While you can find these online on popular video sites, and they may explain the exercise, they do lack the visuals to fully understand how to perform it properly.

2. Jelqing Video – Visual (PG rated)

You can find these videos on the same popular video sites as mentioned above. These instructional vids get real creative and not only verbally explain the exercise, but also provide visuals. They do so in a creative manner so as not to get flagged or kicked off of a video sharing site. Common tactics are using an elongated balloon, or even better, a banana to correctly demonstrate the exercise. Again, you can find these on video sharing sites, just look at the picture to the video and if you see a banana for instance, then this will be a PG rated visual version. (And of course you can find many of these excellent videos right here on this blog!)

3. Jelqing Video – Visual (X rated!)

You will find these vids on online membership sites which usually require a fee to join up. Now these instructional videos are the real thing. Full frontal performing the actual penis enlarging exercise. Obviously these are much harder to find, and the common video sites on the web will not be able to host them due to the explicit nature. Once again, your best bet for finding these videos are through jelqing programs or member sites which you can easily access online by doing a search for related terms. These will not only provide full instruction, but also will provide actual videos so you can see exactly how to perform the exercise safely and effectively.

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