Guys, here’s the top 5 jelqing tips for gaining bigger penis size with the jelq exercise.

1. Warm Up – Warm Down. Many jelqing videos are actually guilty of not including the warm up and warm down as part of their jelq tutorial. This is an important step when jelqing. Most will recognize the warm up as taking a hot, wet, hand towel and wrapping it around the penis for few minutes BEFORE starting the jelq exercise. The Warm Down is actually the same thing. AFTER the exercise is completed you re-heat the towel by placing it back under warm water and then place it on the penis for a few minutes. This relaxes the penis and actually encourages the growth process to begin.

2. Consistency. Guys who get results with jelqing tend to be the one’s who are the most consistent with the exercise. Guys who don’t get results are usually the one’s who try it for a month, off and on (one week they may exercise 4-5 days, but the next maybe only once or twice, this is NOT what consistency is all about). Consistency is all about sticking with the routine.

3. Patience. Again, those who get results are patient. Those that don’t are impatient. They want results immediately and when they don’t see size gains in a week or two they give up. Meanwhile those who realize that jelqing takes time will stick with the exercise and wait out the time it takes to see size results.

4. Exercising, not masturbating. Too many guys start jelqing and soon their exercising routine turns into a masturbating routine. Remember your goal. It’s not to “get off”, it’s to “gain size”. When you stray away from your gain size goal, and focus on only easy pleasure then size gains won’t occur.

5. Proper Jelqing Technique. Learning how to jelq properly is huge. This is why it’s best to get on a good routine that has the proper jelqing technique laid out for you and all you have to do is follow it as it’s laid out. Too many guys try to jelq on their own and get zero results because of it. Missing certain steps or even small tips to make the exercise more effective can be detrimental for gains. On top of that a good jelq program will also include an additional exercise to do that goes along with jelqing and will lead to getting faster results.

These jelqing tips may seem common sense, but these are the one’s that are usually the deal maker for getting bigger size gains. Time and again guys will neglect one or usually more, of these jelq exercise tips and miss out on some added length and girth size.