Jelqing is the exercise that guys use to increase their penis size. Yes, it can work, but it depends on a few things:

-Consistency. You need to stick with it for several weeks. You won’t get results overnight, but you may start to see size in only a few weeks. Sticking with it longer brings on the real noticeable size.

-Good routine. It’s very important to follow a good routine, so you do the exercises safely AND you see results quickly. Guys who don’t follow a good jelqing routine spend months waiting for results. While guys who get on a good jelqing routine from the start are seeing results in only weeks. On the sidebar there is a recommended routine which only takes 6 minutes a day.

-Patience. This goes along with the above 2 points. Patience can make or break your size gains. The impatient won’t get big. The patient do get big.

Check out some of the videos on this blog to get a good idea of what jelqing is and how to perform it.