What is Jelqing – How to Jelq

As the jelqing exercise becomes more popular, many guys are eager to learn how to jelq. But there are many more men who don’t even know what jelqing is.

What is Jelqing?

Basically, jelqing is the exercise used to get bigger penis size (both in length, and especially girth or thickness). It’s performed with the hands in a massaging/stroking (or “milking”) type motion, on the penis which should be in a semi erect state.

The first question after “What is jelqing”, usually is “Ok, so what do I need…pills, pumps, some sort of contraption?”

While there are jelq type contraptions out there, true jelqing requires only the hands. Really, the only other thing you need is lubrication (and of course good instruction on how to jelq).

As for as pills, they’re not required, although some programs may recommend trying them to assist with the exercises, reasoning that the pills won’t work on their own, but since they increase blood flow they could be beneficial using them with exercise jelqs. But really, true jelqing just consists of hand exercises, and many of the growth results reported are from guys who only jelqed, and didn’t take pills while exercising. It’s better to invest in a good routine or jelqing program rather than spend money on pills and try to wing the exercises on your own.